Vol 3 No 2 (2020): Journal of Culture and Values in Education
Journal of Culture and Values in Education

Journal of Culture and Values in Education (JCVE) is a peer-reviewed, open-access academic e-journal for cultural and educational research. The overarching goal of the journal is to disseminate original research findings that make significant contributions to different areas of education, culture and values of different societies. The aim of the journal is to promote the work of academic researchers in the humanities, cultural studies and education.

The purpose of this issue is to provide a space for scholars to disseminate theory and research about the influence of language in educational contexts. There are 12 articles in this issue and they are organized  according to the following categorization:  The first one is the "Editorial" article serves as the introduction to the special issue, and provides an interpretive overview of the articles and offer an explanation of their relevance for understanding the complex nature of contemporary education, articles 2-4 cover theory and method, articles 5-9 deal with policy and teacher development, and articles 10-12 cover classroom practices. 



Natalie Keefer, Michelle Haj-Broussard
Language in Educational Contexts
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Sheryl Bernardo-Hinesley
Linguistic Landscape in Educational Spaces
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Marcus W. Johnson
Serious with the Wordplay: Battle Rap as a Critical Literacy Site and Model
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Mark Honegger
What Does “Education” Mean: Cultural Values in Educational Language
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Emre Başok, Peter Sayer
Language Ideologies, Language Policies and their Translation into Fiscal Policies in the U.S. Perspectives of Language Education Community Stakeholders
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Michele M Ebersole, Huihui Kanahele-Mossman
Broadening Understandings of the Cultural Value of Aloha in a Teacher Educator Program
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Myriam Jimena Guerra, Minda Morren Lopez, Angelika Benavides
Funds of Identity and Education: The Journey of a Latina Educator from Linguistic Erasure to Linguistic Empowerment
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Jen Stacy, Yesenia Fernández, Elexia Reyes McGovern
El Instituto: Centering Language, Culture, and Power in Bilingual Teacher Professional Development
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Joanelle Morales, Nick Bardo
Narratives of Racial Reckoning: Oppression, Resistance, and Inspiration in English Classrooms
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Ryan W Pontier, Ivian Destro Boruchowski, Lergia I Olivo
Dynamic Language Use in Bi/Multilingual Early Childhood Education Contexts: A Critical Review of the Literature
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May F Chung
“I Call Them My Little Chinese Kids”: Parents’ Identities and Language Ideologies in a Mandarin-English Dual Language Immersion School
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Benedict L. Adams
How English-Speaking Teachers Can Create a Welcoming Environment that Allows Students to Maintain and Utilize their Language through Translanguaging: A Qualitative Case Study
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