Dewey and Political Communication in the Age of Mediation

  • Lance E Mason Indiana University Kokomo
Keywords: John Dewey, Pragmatism, Media literacy, democratic education, media ecology


The present sociopolitical environment in the United States is perpetually mediated and beset with information from innumerable sources. This paper argues that Dewey’s conception of communication as a mutual act of meaning-making holds insights for explaining the connections between pervasive mediation and political polarization, in addition to understanding why political discourse has become more degrading in recent years. It also points the way toward viable solutions by arguing for the reorientation of schools toward valuable living experiences that are becoming less pronounced in the broader culture, such as sustained face to face engagement on matters of social import.


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Mason, L. (2019). Dewey and Political Communication in the Age of Mediation. Journal of Culture and Values in Education, 2(3), 94-102.