Resisting Assimilation to the Melting Pot
Freyca Calderon Berumen
Pennsylvania State University Altoona, United States
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Cultural Curriculum of the home
Parents as educators
Pedagogies of the home

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Calderon Berumen, F. (2019). Resisting Assimilation to the Melting Pot. Journal of Culture and Values in Education, 2(1), 81-95.


The melting pot metaphor suggest that people from different backgrounds come to the United States and through the process of assimilation adapt to a new lifestyle integrating smoothly into the dominant culture. This article argues that immigrants from diverse cultural and ethnic groups that try to keep some of their cultural traditions may encounter conflict when trying to adapt to their life in the new context. The author contends for a cultural curriculum of the home endorsing family cultural values and traditions tha is overlooked by schools and educators, disregarding its potential for enhancing children’s learning process and academic achievement.

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