Special Issue Theme: “Innovative Planning and Teaching of Culture and Values in School Education in Asia”

Guest Editor: Eric King-man Chong (Department of Social Sciences, Education University of Hong Kong. Webpage: Contact:

Welcome to submit papers to a call of special issue to the Journal of Culture and Values in Education. This is a call for papers for a tentative topic of “Innovative Planning and Teaching of Culture and Values in School Education in Asia”.

Changing social contexts and the unfolding digital lives have brought tremendous challenges to our understanding and teaching of culture and values in school education. There could be varied responses among policy makers, curriculum planners, frontline teachers, students and parents. This special issue shall offer a rich assemblage of theoretical and methodological papers to school education research. Such complex research is vital to the project of documenting and hopefully extending educational understanding of culture and values.

This special issue would like to call upon anyone who are interested in planning and teaching of culture and values in school education to make their contributions, so that conceptual or theoretical considerations, empirical understanding, teaching and learning methods, school leadership, parent and student relations, and assessment practices on the topic can be gathered. Recommended manuscript length is up to 8,000 words in a Word document including references.

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Proposal submission: If you are interested in making a paper to this special issue, please send an e-mail to Eric King-man Chong ( with the following information on or before 29 April 2022. After collecting your response, we will make a response to you as soon as possible.




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Abstract (about 50 words, shall be expanded to about 300 words upon writing):

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Deadline for full-text manuscript submission: 15 September 2022

Publication Date: 1 December 2022