Editorial 2019: (2)1, Special Issue
Stephan Lafer
University of Nevada- Reno, United States
Bulent Tarman
Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Culture and Values in Education (JCVE)
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Lafer, S., & Tarman, B. (2019). Editorial 2019: (2)1, Special Issue. Journal of Culture and Values in Education, 2(1), i-v. https://doi.org/10.46303/jcve.02.01.ed


Culture is a phenomenon that is a potent force in the lives of human beings and many believe that respect for a person’s culture is essential to respecting the person.  The adverse, that to disrespect a person’s culture is to disrespect the person, gives rise to an important concern that is to be considered in this edition.  Because culture does influence character and is a force in shaping character, honest critique of culture and cultures is too often avoided for concern for the personal offense such might cause.  Out of what is said to be the respect for individuals who are culture bound and sensitive about their culture, honest criticism of culture is pursued with overabundance of caution.

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